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This is RWT Denver - Richard Wise Technologies , an Internet Advertising Agency in Denver, Colorado focusing on the creation of competitive advantage through Internet Marketing. In this case "IT" stands for Internet technologies. Due to the exponential growth of The Internet, competitive advantage is a business necessity in terms of sales, service, marketplace knowledge, proficiency, innovation and deliverability.

The initial promise of the Internet was a level playing field. It was designed, from a commercial aspect, to provide an opportunity for small businesses to compete right alongside larger companies. In other words Advertising and Marketing for FREE! That ship has sailed. The idea that "all we have to do is be on the Internet” is exactly correct if you have no competitors, however if your business is competitive, what will it take for your company Website to “muscle” its way to the top of your Internet category? “IT” is the answer but it’s not “information technology”, rather instead... “Internet technology" and no matter what anyone else says, its not free! - CPO-Denver



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Its not Rocket Science...but it is science!

Denver, Colorado

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